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Business Certification - Benefits

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Certification Benefits of International Designations:


Employers are hiring people with degrees and also those who have the specialized designations and certifications


  • Helps you to be located in this Digital Age Searching for Job Skills by Human Resources IT Searching for New Hires
  • Investing in your career and improving your credentials opens the doors for greater jobs and recognition.
  • Members have access to job boards, career news & advice, and networking information.
  • Our Graduate certifications show that members have a specialized portfolio of focus or skills.
  • Protect the job you have by showing all that you have improved your portfolio of credentials.
  • To gain recognition within your profession; Increased professional esteem, network, and business respect.
  • Opportunity for a Committee and Board Member position with the Graduate Academy.
  • Rights of Certified Members to Use Credentials on Resume and Business Cards and on Digital Resumes.
  • Publish your approved articles with the Graduate Academy or its Affiliated Organizations.
  • GBM Certification counts for credit and advanced standing for other certifications.
  • Certifications are granted to college degree holders who have passed real exams. (Graduate Organization)
  • Take your resume to the next level with your new IBS GBM ™ Certification
  • To achieve higher status (portfolio of credentials) for a job interview or to attain promotion.
  • Membership prestige, Complete License & Certification, and IBS GBM ™ Certificate for your office.
  • Right to International Registration with the Institute on our World Wide Web Registry
  • Online Training Courses or materials for members worldwide.
  • Become a Fellow of the Institute or receive the Academic Award for Professors
  • Specialized Information for Conferences, Seminars, and Networking Events


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