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GBM ™ Professional Code of Ethics


The Graduate Board of Management ™ , GBM recognizes the responsibility of Business professionals to foster high ethical standards in our professions. THE GBM ™ does hereby adopt the following CODE OF ETHICS and PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS to provide direction in attaining high principles of truth, justice, zeal and good faith dealings.


1. To abide by the laws of your Sovereign Country. To maintain high standards of conduct when providing service, seeking employment, performing services, and negotiating transactions so as to create a high standard to the public.

2. To illustrate diligence and professionalism with all of our dealings with clients and customers.

3. To continue building the knowledge base of our professional community through study, collaboration, research, and continuing education.

4. To work with universities and academic groups in improving the practical education of students & business persons.

5. To build confidence and the trust of the public, employees, & employers using diligence, honesty, cooperation, and confidentiality.

6. To provide occasional pro-bono assistance to the disadvantaged entrepreneurs who may seek to grow a new e-business or idea particularly in service to humanity.

7. To protect the trademarks, service marks, patents, intellectual property, business plans of others and the GBM unless you have express permission to breach the trust of the Client or relationship.

9. To continue to use business and technology to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and protect the environment.

10. To further the harmony and communication between the nations of the world through cultural exchange.

11. To endorse, promote, and accept degree credit from the best accredited business and law schools worldwide.

12. To endorse and promote the best conferences and continuing education in management


Requirements for GBM ™ Business Management Certification:

Have Earned an Accredited College Degree from GBM Recognized & Accredited degree programs.

3 or More Years of Professional Industry Experience specific to the Certification that you desire.

Agree to our Graduate Academy International Ethics Guidelines

Complete 8 Hours of Continuing Education per Year. CE Methods


If you have not completed an accredited degree and achieved the required experience, you can take one of the exams to pre-qualify for: Certification. See Exams


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